Our Studio...

 Wellcome to Overdose tattooing studio. We Invite you to take a peek in our environment and at the way we do what we do. Our team is ready and able to help you find a way to bring your concepts and ideas to life. We await with a warm welcome and an open mind. Please refer to our INFO section to find out more about how to get in contact with us and schedule a consultation appointment.

   Overdose Tattooing  is a private tattooing studio located on the windy shores of the North Sea,

on the edge of the beautiful city of Den Haag. 

   With a picturesque view over Scheveningen harbour on one side and an equally stunning view

of the North sea on the other, Overdose Tattooing is located on the 3rd floor

of one of the oldest buildings around, constructed in the 1930's.

The attic of this historical building was turned into a relaxed, quiet, private environment

where we can offer our undivided attention to create what we consider the best in tattooing. 

entrance portrait.jpg

   We have created Overdose Tattooing in our image of the perfect tattooing studio sparing no expense or effort to manifest our vision.

   O.D. Tattooing is the result of years of diligent work, research and a

continuous drive to improve and perfect our recipe.   


A classy more sophisticated alternative to the "tattoo shop", our studio is designed

as a crossroad where the old ways meet the new, embracing the refinement of the classic but making use of state of the art equipment and technologies that help elevate our work.


Your comfort and safety is our greatest concern.

This is why cleanliness and hygiene is of paramount importance to us. 

   We are very proud to say that our studio was graded as excellent by the GGD Haaglanden official visiting our studio. On multiple visits from the authorities we managed

to impress with our care and professionalism for our craft and studio,

being called one of the most beautiful tattooing studios in the Netherlands.


Our choice of tattoo equipment, pigments and disposables are noting less

then the best the market has to offer. From state of the art technologies like t

he latest released tattoo machines, needles, aftercare and all new inks/pigments

in accordance with the new "REACH" regulations for tattoo pigments in Europe.