Yorima Laurens

  Hey! I'm Yorima! Half Dutch, half Moluccan, born in Rotterdam in 1980. I'm tattooing since 2016 and I mainly do realism.


  I studied at Willem de Kooning art academy in Rotterdam. That was back in 1999, pfff... I studied Interior Design. Funny, now I'm doing exterior design. After graduating I worked here and there until I started working as a graphic designer in 2008. Still busy with that.


  Curiously, I never drew much. Why? Never really knew what to draw. So I didn't. That didn't really stop me from exercising my creative rights. Either designing, paper or computer, fooling around with fabric or paining, my mind and hands were never at rest.


  I think somewhere in art school I heard that you shouldn't draw with a pencil so I grew some sort of resentment to it. I was always sketching with pen and marker until one day I stumbled across some pencil drawings that blew my mind. They lied to me... So I gave that a try. I liked it, I really did, still do...

  I had tattoos. Got my first one when I was 18. I will not tell you what it is, or where it is. That was not last one. Going in and out of shops I kind of got familiar with what tattooing was. The words tattooing and artistic weren't associated. Slowly other stuff started to appear. Crazy stuff, all sorts of designs that I've never seen before, colours, bold, detailed, different than than the average tribal, lettering and anchors I've seen until now. This captivated me more and more. It sparked a real interest not only in wearing them but in the way that something like this came to life. 


  A single mom doing a tattoo apprenticeship... Good luck!  I tried some stuff out at home. I got myself some gear and messed around some on pig skin. My legs were next to take the fall. It hurt. And it was so much weirder than before. Interesting feeling being on both ends, over and under the needle. 


  The natural order would be to move on to other people. I had just so much skin on my legs and tattooing pig skin for fun... is not so much fun. But I stopped there.


  Afraid of screwing up and actually realising that I don't have any idea of what I'm doing, the "me tattooing thing'  kind of faded. My appreciation of the craft didn't. I kept on getting tattoos. I loved them. This way I meet Alex. I really like his work. He was really good.  


  We were busy on the second project, a big piece on my leg. While chit chatting, I mentioned about my passion for drawing. I showed him some pictures. He seemed to appreciate what he saw. He asked me if I ever thought about tattooing. I confessed about my home made attempts. He showed curiosity and asked me to bring some pictures of what I did and at the same time encouraged future adventures. I started tattooing people not long after that.


  Now I feel honored to be tattooing next to him at Overdose.


  And for all the vegans out there that want a tattoo.. the materials I use, are all vegan.

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