Mircea Stamen

   From the far away plains of the wild east, in the red corner, wheying in at 85 kg, I give you Mircea the "Roemeense killer" Stamen. 

   Yes, he sounds dangerous... But don't be fooled by his intimidating nickname, righteously earned in the ring, through blood and sweat by beating up other naked men.

   Under that thick beard hides a wide smile, a God fearing man that still enjoys what he did as a child, to draw.

   Combining what he loves most, tattooing is the atrocious child of these two passions. Delivering the best in tattooing, his work looks amazing. But he will make sure you feel your ass kicked for it to. Nooo... it's not true. Maybe. Only one way to find out...

   Born in 1989 in the last year of the Romanian communism in a hard working family, Mircea was supposed to be a young man with a very bright future. Something went wrong.     From all the new things flooding the gates of this once closed of little country in the east, the punk scene was the thing that appealed to our friend. 

   In a short time, tattoos became an interest. In between mohawks, piercings, leather boots, empty bottles, Mircea started experimenting with the rudimentary torture contraptions they called, tattoo machines. 

   For his luck, the punks were a good mass to practice on. Willing to show rebellion, not being to picky and quite drunk most of the time, they seamed the perfect crown for this kind of an endeavour. 


   Time passed, the mohawks were trimmed down, the piercings were taken out, a new clean act was put on. The only way to still recognize these past trouble makers were the marks they got from this kid messing with a walkman motor and a guitar string. 

   The first time messing in this apart craft was somewhere in 2005, 2006. Around 2009 studying at the Plastic Arts University in Timisoara, having the opportunity to try tattooing in a real tattoo studio, a way to develop this into something that some people called a job arized. So a more serious approach was taken. 

   This shared passion for what he does brought him to meet Alex through a guest spot in 2011, 2012. Click back to gallery, that Alex.

   Sharing the curiosity and interest for this craft these two became friends. Not late after, Mircea left for the Netherlands and started working together with Alex. A very interesting interaction started to happen. Through a friendly competitive spirit these two started to feed off each other and grew together. 

   After a few years working apart, they're paths crossed again under the roof of Overdose tattooing. Keeping in the same spirit, they continue to do what once brought them together and fired that curiosity to learn and develop, making pancakes. 


God bless America!


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