Alexandru Babin

   It was the year 1996. A young man decided to satisfy his curiosity and picked up a tattoo machine for the first time. After slaughtering a few kilograms of oranges, bananas, pig skin and himself, he decided that the makeshift contraptions that he was building to push ink in someone's skin were not gonna do it.


   A professional tattoo machine was what he needed. Thanks to the marvels of technology, the internet, he managed to get his hands on the beginner's tattoo kit. Straight from the other side of the world, that's right, China, the long awaited marvel was making it's way.


   With his brand new equipment, worth about one pair of Nike's he was about to scar his friends for life.

  Current day: Monday 23rd of July 2018

  Location: Den Haag, Netherlands

  I need to write something about myself on this damn website. I'm out of beer, I'm chewing on this toothpick for two hours and thinking... What was I thinking? Who knows.

My name is Alex. I am a human being from the planet Earth, I come in peace. I was born in Romania. I like garlic. I picked up a makeshift tattoo machine for the first time somewhere in my teens. I pointed it out towards anything in my path. It broke. I made another one... That one broke as well. Obviously, guitar strings are made to strapped to a guitar not poking stuff with. My attention turned towards other things.

   Later on, around 2007 - 2008, trying to find a way out of a corporate life, I remembered about this thing and that I never got to explore as much as I wished.  


   Hmmm... Why not? It's not like I'm gonna hurt anybody... 

   Maximum effort! 

   I specialize in realistic tattooing, but I'm no stranger to japanese, neo traditional and other things. 


   For any questions referring to tattooing, the universe or snail reproduction, send me a telegram. 


   If you got all the way down here, I admire your patience even though I don't understand it. I can only say thank you for reading and pardon the bullshit. 

                                                                      May the gods watch your path!

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